A Hayekian Case for Free Markets and a Basic Income

Friedrich Hayek is known for his defense of limited government and a free-market economy. But Hayek was also a consistent defender throughout his life of something that looks very much like a Universal Basic Income (UBI). To many, this combination of views will seem paradoxical. This paper argues that both of these commitments flow naturally…

The Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle

Libertarianism is often presented as resting upon a simple, indeed commonsense, moral principle. But is the “non-aggression principle” really a good foundation on which to build a libertarian theory? That’s the subject of my most recent paper, “The Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle,” out now in the journal Social Philosophy and Policy.

Herbert Spencer and the Poor

What did the “social Darwinist” Herbert Spencer really believe about our obligations to the poor? Read my latest paper, “Social Darwinism and Social Justice: Herbert Spencer on Our Duties to the Poor” to find out!