I teach a variety of courses in ethics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of law.

The most current syllabi for all of my courses are below:

HNRS 332 – The Good Life

PHIL 116 – Morality and Justice

PHIL 321 – Social Ethics

PHIL 330 – Ethics

PHIL 332 – Business Ethics (“The Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation”)

PHIL 334 – Metaethics

PHIL 342 – Engineering Ethics

PHIL 461 – Philosophy of Law

PHIL 462 – Political Philosophy

PHIL 494 – Libertarianism

PHIL 494 – Free Speech and Toleration

PPE 101 – Morality, Markets, and Government

Most of my courses involve some philosophical writing. If you’re taking one of my classes, you might want to read through my “Advice on Writing a Philosophical Paper.”