Exploitation and the Psychology of Moral Judgment” [March, 2016]

Exploiting a person feels worse than neglecting a person. But perhaps that feeling tells us more about our own psychology than it does about moral truth.
Video of my Hayek Lecture at Duke University.


Drowning ToddlerWould You Save the Drowning Toddler? [August, 2015]

Someone who let a child drown in front of them just to keep their clothes from getting wet would be a moral monster. But are we really any better?


Economic GrowthHistory’s Most Successful Anti-Poverty Program: Economic Growth [August, 2015]

The most successful anti-poverty program in the history of the world isn’t really a “program” at all.


DonationWorld Poverty vs. Charity that Works [August, 2015]

When it comes to trying to solve the problem of world poverty, we’ve spent big money on a lot of big ideas. Is there a better approach?


Basic IncomeShould Llibertarians Support a Basic Income Guarantee? [August, 2015]

What if we could make the welfare state less bureucratic, less paternalistic, and more effective at helping the poor?


SocialJusticeCritics“Social Justice and Its Critics” [December, 2012]

Why do libertarians like Robert Nozick and Friedrich Hayek take issue with the idea of “social justice”? Watch this video to find out!


social_justice“What’s Right About Social Justice” [December, 2012]

Why libertarians should learn to stop worrying and love the idea of social justice.


“Exploitation, Neglect, and the Psychology of Moral Judgment” [April, 2015]ExploitationNeglect

We think sweatshops and price gougers are worse than us. But are we making a mistake? A talk given at the University of Minnesota, Duluth


SweatshopsPriceGougingA conversation with the University of Arizona’s Dan Russell on sweatshops and price gouging [November, 2011]

I discuss my work on the ethics of sweatshops and price gouging with University of Arizona philosopher Dan Russell.


LibertarianismPoorInterview with on “Libertarians and the Poor” [August, 2014]

Can you care about the poor and still be a libertarian? What solutions do libertarians propose to the problem of poverty?

LibertarianismPollutionInterview with on “Libertarianism and Pollution” [March, 2015]

A discussion with Aaron Powell and Trevor Burros of my paper on libertarianism and pollution.


Price Gouging“Is Price Gouging Immoral? Should It Be Illegal?” [April, 2012]

What is price gouging? Is it immoral? And if so, does it follow that it should be illegal?


CapitalistsCronies“Who Exploits You More? Capitalists or Cronies?” [July, 2012]

Why government is a more worrisome source of exploitation than capitalist markets.


default“Does Capitalism Exploit Workers?” [July, 2012]

Was Marx right that capitalism is responsible for the exploitation of labor? If so, what’s the alternative?


left-lib“Libertarianism and the Left” [November, 2011]

Why libertarianism is not a “right-wing” philosophy.


ExploitationOppressionA Philosophy.TV conversation with Ann Cudd on “Exploitation and Oppression” [October, 2011]

Can mutually beneficial exploitation be morally justifiable? How much must victims of oppression sacrifice to resist their oppressors? Check out the conversation!


jefftuckerAn interview with Jeffrey Tucker of on the history of libertarian thought [January, 2015]

The wild, wild history of libertarian thought.


LibertyMe1 An interview with on “Negative Rights, the NAP and Nozick, Part I” [April, 2014]

Can libertarianism make room for positive rights? Should libertarians embrace the Non-Aggression Principle? What was Robert Nozick’s theory of the state of nature?


LibertyMe1An interview with on “Negative Rights, the NAP and Nozick, Part II” [April, 2014]

Why did Nozick think that the minimal state could evolve out of the state of nature through an invisible hand process?


ReasonTVInterview with Reason TV about Bleeding Heart Libertarianism [October, 2011]

An early interview on “Bleeding Heart Libertarianism,” in which I take what I now regard as an unfair shot at the deeply misunderstood Herbert Spencer.