California Department of Insurance Cracks Down on Inhumane Conditions in Private Prisons

By: Jennifer Wilczynski On February 8, 2021, Senator Maria Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) introduced SB 334 (Durazo), the Private Detention Accountability Act. Sponsored by Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, SB 334 would require all Continue reading

Department of Insurance Notifies Insurance Companies of Obligation to Abide by New Mental Health and Substance Abuse Law

By Hannah Ohman On December 10, 2020, Department of Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara released a notice to all health insurance companies informing them of their responsibility to follow a new mental health and substance abuse parity law. The bill requires Continue reading

Federal Judge Upholds Legality of Drug Transparency Law Requiring Manufacturers to Report Drug Price Increases to Department of Insurance

By Hannah Ohman On January 4, 2021, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California filed an order upholding the legality of a 2017 California drug price transparency law in Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (“PhRMA”) Continue reading

Senate Bill 872, Sponsored by Department of Insurance, Changes Insurance Regulations During States of Emergency

By Hannah Ohman SB 872 (Dodd), as amended August 12, 2020, amends sections 2051.5 and 2060 of, and adds sections 2061 and 2062 to, the Insurance Code, regarding insurance coverage during states of emergency, such as wildfires. Previous law required Continue reading

California Department of Insurance is Potentially Impacted by Package of Bills Which Propose Additional Medical Insurance Coverage Requirements for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

By Brittany Hodgson On January 14, 2020, California Senators introduced two bills, both sponsored by the Kennedy Forum and Steinberg Institute, aimed at improving patient access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment: SB 854 (Beall), as introduced, would Continue reading

Senator Gonzalez Introduces Equal Insurance HIV Act

By Marie McDonald Hulen SB 961 (Gonzalez), as introduced on February 10, 2020, known as the Equal Insurance HIV Act, would repeal and add sections 799.01 and 799.02, and add sections 799.03–799.10 to the Insurance Code. The California Department of Continue reading