Prof Mossman at the Solar Eclipse viewing party in August 2017 on the WSU campus where she acted as the main “MC” of the event, providing students with random *fun facts* about eclipses, astronomy, physics, light and optics.

One of Professor Mossman’s favorite things to do is to talk to people about physics and astronomy! Being a good science communicator and enthusiastic mentor are some of the most important and lasting contributions scientists can make to the community.

She is also a huge fan of the program Skype-A-Scientist. Since 2018, Prof. Mossman has spoken with and answered questions of over 300 students, from Southern California to New Hampshire with classes ranging from 3rd grade to high school seniors. She looks forward to participating more with this program in the future.

If you are a teacher or a scientist, you can sign up for this program too!


In 2019-2020, Prof. Mossman helped in planning the NW section of the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (#apsCUWiP) at WSU. This conference made a huge difference in her life as a undergraduate physicist. As such, she loved the opportunity to provide the same experience to women at nearby institutions in the PNW. She plans to continue working to support students from USD who would like to attend these important and formative meetings. It is one of her goals to bring CUWiP to USD in the future!

Other outreach and leadership efforts

  • North Central Idaho Career Mentoring Day Volunteer (12 Nov 2019)
  • Committee for the Recruitment and Retention of Women in Physics at WSU (Fall 2019 – Spring 2020)
  • STREAM Team (Science, Technology, Restoration, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Activity Leader (31 July 2019)
  • Interview with a Scientist Volunteer (29 July 2019)
  • CUWiP 2020 Planning Committee for the NW Section (May 2019 – Feb 2020)
  • Skype-a-Scientist Outreach (Spring 2018-Present)
  • Preview for Juniors Academic Fair Representative (20 April 2019)
  • Solar Derby at Franklin Elementary Science Fair Volunteer (28 March 2019)
  • Research Extravaganza Representative (30 Nov 2018)
  • Meet Your Major Fair Representative (26 Sept 2018)
  • Science-A-Thon Campaign / Day-Of-Science (14 May 2018)
  • SPIE #FacesOfPhotonics Campaign (19-23 March 2018)
  • Solar Derby at Franklin Elementary Science Fair Volunteer (22 March 2018)
  • WSU CAS 3 Minute Thesis (20 March 2018)
  • Superwomen in Science Podcast, 3-minute summary (14 Feb 2018)
  • Celebrating Women Campaign (29 Nov 2017)
  • WSU Physics and Astronomy Graduate Brochure Organizer (Fall 2017)
  • WSU CAS Eclipse Viewing Party MC (21 Aug 2017)
  • WSU Physics and Astronomy Outreach Page Moderator (Fall 2017-Fall 2020)
  • WSU Dare-To-Dream Program Activity Leader (Summer 2017)
  • WSU Cougar Quest Activity Leader (Summer 2015)
  • WSU Mom’s Weekend Laser Maze Organizer (Spring 2015)
  • Efforts for Graduate Parents in Physics at WSU (Fall 2014)
  • OSA/SPIE Outreach efforts at local schools (Spring 2014 – Summer 2015)
  • OSA/SPIE Head Grant Writer (Fall 2013 – Summer 2015)
  • GPSA Senator (Fall 2013 – Spring 2015)
  • CAS Student Ambassador Program Developer (Fall 2011 – Spring 2012)
  • International Student Peer Mentor (Fall 2011 – Spring 2012)