Educational Innovation Certificate Program at The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education!

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Image of teacher surrounded by students at a desk, talkingWe are proud to announce the launch of the Educational Innovation Certificate program that is among the first of its kind. The latest offer by The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education to further our mission is to increase access to education that today’s global, connected learner demands.

The Professional Certificate program is a series of in-demand courses designed to build or advance critical skills for professionals who are interested in the innovator and edupreneurial dynamic to build a future of learning. The program can be completed entirely online.

Created by industry leaders and top researchers, this Professional Certificate program helps professionals develop skills and actionable knowledge needed for educational innovation through a flexible and affordable online experience.

Meeting the Needs of The Future Learner

Our research has identified three career pathways in educational innovation.

Career Pathways include:

  1. Learning Experience (LX) Design & Emerging Technology
  2. Educational Innovation Leadership
  3. Edupreneurship

Image of a professional student and professor talkingWith the support of the faculty, participants can choose from a unique blend of coursework to meet their career and business goals. Throughout this Certificate Program, you can choose to focus on one career pathway or take courses across all three. This Certificate Program will allow you to quickly gain skills you need to advance your career or position yourself for a new job.

Providing Expertise Valued by Employers

The Educational Innovation Certificate program is tailored for those who are interested in the emerging domain of educational innovation and offers skills-based education in the fields where today’s employers are seeking top talent. After completing this Certificate Program, you can be confident that you have gained actionable knowledge you will need to make a powerful impact on an organization. You will gain not only actionable knowledge, but also a network full of industry experts, job opportunities and discounts to workshops and our annual conference.

Take your career to the next level

A grid of images where attendees are at a conference, a person has a virtual reality headset on, two professional students are high fiving each other and professional students are at various tables and chairs working on projectsBuild your skills and advance your career in the high-demand field of Educational Innovation.

Please contact Karly Wilson with information regarding the next steps and scholarship* opportunities.

*Limited scholarships available.

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