Free Family Paint Workshop and Brunch with the Jacobs Institute for Remake Learning San Diego!

Colorful image with paintbrushes, someone painting and a child with paint on on their hands

You and your family are invited to join the University of San Diego Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education this Fall as we celebrate Remake Learning! This exciting hands-on STEAM painting workshop entitled, “The Surprising Lessons a Paintbrush Can Teach,” led by Artist Richard Gallego, will teach a simple, fun approach to creating a landscape painting using acrylic paints. The surprise? Along the way, participants will learn a bit about physics and philosophy, math and music, and the important role beauty can play in our lives. A brunch reception will occur before the lesson begins. Parents are encouraged to work with their younger children as they follow the instructor’s step by step process while older participants may work on their own. Ticket reservations have been placed on hold, but as soon as it becomes available, we will post it here.

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