Winter Series STEAM Workshops

Join us this winter to expand your skills and network in STEAM teaching and learning! The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education is excited to host these no-cost workshops, and they are open to registration for all faculty, students and the public. Refreshments and/or lunch is included, first-come, first-served!

woman wearing VR headsetCome Ride the 3D Virtual Reality Magic School Bus! Fostering Engagement through Immersive Experiences

Thursday, November 21st, 3-4 PM
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Explore how and why the integration of 21st century VR technology can foster engagement and excitement to enhance the learning experience. Attendees will learn how to use programs including: Google Expeditions, Oculus Quest and STEAM VR to provide immersive learning to help boost creativity and fun in the classroom! Refreshments will be provided.


laptop computer displaying lines of codeI Tynk I Can Code!
Thursday, December 5th, 3-4 PM
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Come celebrate the Hour of Code pre-week session by understanding the fundamentals of coding, why it is important and how it is making a difference in the world. Participants will engage in brief tinkering coding activities using during this workshop. Refreshments will be provided.


animated drawing of four diverse teens with their arms in the airDesigning a Better World: Pactful App Introduction
Thursday, January 30th, 12-2 PM
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Do you want to help make the world a better place to live? Come find out how using the design thinking process can be used to make a global impact on the world.  Pactful, a social good innovation app for teens and young adults, will be introduced to attendees and global problems will be explored allowing them to tap into their innovator’s mindset to create solutions! Lunch will be provided.


stacked rocks at the shorelineCreative Collaboration Stations: A Mindfulness Experience
Thursday, February 20th, 3:30-5:00 PM
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We’ll explore universal design for learning principles and understand how the flexible classroom helps foster collaboration through engaging activities, edtech and makerspace learning!  Participants will engage in experiential learning through mindfulness techniques including guided meditation VR, calming breathing activities, art therapy, DIY bath bombs and more! Refreshments will be provided.


a picture of Alina MitchellInstructor: Alina Mitchell, Learning Experience Specialist, Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education


Alina has a broad educational background extending over 12 years. She has served in the areas of K-12 education, higher education and STEM Enrichment.
Alina has most recently served as a K-8 principal in Southern California. Her passion for empowering youth inspired her to become Founder/ Program Director of the Enrichment through Science, Mathematics, Athletics and Research Training (ESMART) Academy, an after-school and summer enrichment program in Atlanta, GA. She believes STEM enrichment programs expose children to professions that build communities and transform nations. Previously, she taught Basic & Intensive Writing at the University of Alabama Huntsville. She is also the former Program Coordinator of the Ben Carson Science Academy, a year-round STEM enrichment pipeline program at Morehouse School of Medicine. Throughout her career, she has introduced students to coding, 3D virtual reality education, robotics enrichment and SCUBA diving.

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