Research Computing

Welcome to Academic and Research Computing at the University of San Diego.  Information Technology Services provides a wide range of services for the research and academic needs of faculties including bare-metal compute nodes, virtualized nodes, cloud instances, and storage nodes.  With the joint collaboration among the office of the Vice Provost & CIO, Information Technology Services, and Dr. Jeremy Kua, the USD has recently launched a new High-Performance Cluster (HPC) SABER3 in 2022.

Jeremy“While a university-wide HPC resource brings economies of scale, it also has the potential to bring different scholars together in collaborative activities both to advance knowledge at interdisciplinary boundaries, but to expose our students to such intersections, much needed in a 21st century education. “ Dr. Jeremy Kua

Frank“This new High Performance Computing environment will not only help to advance my research in computational fluid dynamics and the study of geophysical turbulence, but it will certainly foster new instructional and learning opportunities within engineering courses.” Dr. Frank Jacobitz


dezen“My work focuses on high-energy astrophysical phenomena such as black hole X-ray binaries, active galactic nuclei and gamma ray bursts. These systems emit significant radiation in the X-ray and gamma ray regimes, and are arguably the brightest sources in the universe. I am also interested in the interplay between particle physics and astrophysics, particularly in the context of high-energy explosions.” Dr. Theodore Dezen