Who can create a site?

Any individual or department with an @sandiego.edu e-mail address can create a site on USD Sites. To get started, use the ‘Register’ form on the USD Sites landing page.

How much space do I get?

Each site comes with 250 MB of storage for images, documents, and other media.

How many sites can I create?

There are currently no limits on the number of sites you can create. At the same time, please don’t take advantage of this!

What WordPress plugins are installed?

Coming soon.

Do you install custom plugins?

At this time, we are not installing additional plugins on the WordPress server. You may still request or recommend plugins for USD Sites by emailing usdsites@sandiego.edu.

Where can I learn more about WordPress?

WordPress is open-source, free software and there is online documentation and information available at http://wordpress.org.

How do you manage comment SPAM?

Coming soon.

Do you provide SSH access to site owners?

At this time we do not provide shell (SSH) access to site owners.