USD Sites is a self-service personal website system based on the WordPress platform. Use it for class websites, e-portfolios, individual or group blogs, or project or group websites.

Why use USD Sites?

Sites offers a robust set of easy-to-use tools, including USD-branded themes and a USD URL in the form of http://sites.sandiego.edu/name/.

Any USD student, faculty, or staff member with a MySanDiego account can use USD Sites to create websites or blogs using the popular WordPress web-publishing platform. We currently offer a variety of dynamic USD-branded themes to choose from allowing you to create your website or blog with little coding knowledge and no web software needed. To activate your account, please fill out the ‘Register’ form on the USD Sites landing page.

Who shouldn’t use USD Sites?

Users who want additional customization (such as a specific URL, adherence to specific branding requirements, or more customized graphic design or functionality) should contact web@sandiego.edu. At the current time only themes designed and developed through University Web Services are usable in the system.

Users who have web creation or maintenance experience and can design/build websites on their own may feel limited by USD Sites. Such users should consider opening USD web space through their MySanDiego e-mail account. This provides space for uploading pages and content via whichever application or web tool is preferred. More information is available at http://www.sandiego.edu/its/connect/web/personal.php.

Note that no blogs or sites on USD Sites can be opened to replace or duplicate academic or administrative websites served on www.sandiego.edu.

Students who are considering using WordPress for online portfolios and sites that they would like to access beyond graduation should consider developing a site with WordPress as their MySanDiego account will expire soon after graduation.


USD Sites is managed by University Web Services in the office of Information Technology Services (ITS). The team uses feedback from the campus community to make adjustments and improvements in the overall USD Sites service.

Contact Us

For general questions regarding logging in and basic WordPress usage, please contact usdsites@sandiego.edu. We also welcome comments and other feedback to that address.