Dental Board of California Sunset Review Oversight Hearing

By Erol Kilic On December 28, 2023, DBC published its Sunset Review Report Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3 in preparation for its Sunset Review Oversight hearing before the Assembly Business and Professions Committee and the Senate Business, Professions, Continue reading

SB 607 Deletes Clinical and Practical Exam Requirements for Specific Registered Dental Assistants

By Dimitri Davis SB 607 (Roth), as amended September 3, 2021, adds sections 1636.5 and 1636.6, amends sections 1724, 1753, 1753.55, 1753.6 of, and repeals section 1753.4 of, the Business and Professions Code, as it applies to the Dental Board. Continue reading