Assembly Revives AB 1350 (Gonzalez), a Proposal to Provide Free Transit Passes to California Youth


By Michael J. Melton

AB 1350 (Gonzalez), as amended January 15, 2020, is a two-year bill that would add Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 99100), to Part 11, Division 10 of the Public Utilities Code to require transit agencies statewide to provide free youth transit passes to persons ages 18 and under in order to be eligible for funding from specific state transit programs. The bill includes a set of legislative findings and declarations with respect to the threat of global climate change and the fact that providing free transit passes to youth would increase overall transit ridership and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.  According to the author, “[r]equiring local transit agencies to offer free transit passes to youth riders, regardless of income or educational status, removes an additional barrier to encourage youth ridership and creating life-long transit users.”

The bill passed on the Assembly Floor on January 27, 2020, and it is currently pending referral to a committee in the Senate. [S. RLS]


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