Matt Zwolinski

Professor of Philosophy, University of San Diego

Director, USD Center for Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy

Co-Director, USD Institute for Law and Philosophy

Fellow, UCSD Center on Global Justice

San Diego, CA 92110


Abbreviated Research Vita – For Full Vita in PDF format, click here


PhD 2003, University of Arizona

Committee: David Schmidtz (Director), Tom ChristianoAllen Buchanan.

BA (philosophy) and BS (political science) 1997, Santa Clara University


Areas of Specialization

Political Philosophy, Business Ethics, History of Political Philosophy

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Law, Ethical Theory, Metaethics, History of Ethical Theory (especially Locke and Mill)

Statement of Research Interests

My research interests are generally in the intersection of politics, philosophy and economics. More specifically, I write about exploitation, libertarian political theory, and the idea of a Universal Basic Income.



Arguing About Political Philosophy, 2nd edition (Routledge, 2014).

A Brief History of Libertarianism (with John Tomasi) (under contract with Princeton University Press)

Exploitation: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (under contract with Oxford University Press)


Papers in Progress

  • Libertarianism and the Welfare State,” in Jason Brennan, Bas van der Vossen, and David Schmidtz, eds., The Routledge Handbook of Libertarianism (Routledge, forthcoming in 2017).
  • A Critique of Ayn Rand’s Theory of Rights,” Ayn Rand Philosophical Studies (forthcoming in 2017).
  • “Outside the Original Position: Rawlsian Justice and the Morality of Commerce,” in Eugene Heath and Byron Kaldis, eds., Wealth, Commerce, and Philosophy: Foundational Thinkers on Business Ethics (University of Chicago Press, under contract).
  • “Exploitation and Consent,” in Peter Schaber and Andreas Müller, eds., The Routledge Handbook on The Ethics of Consent (Routledge, forthcoming 2018).

Published Papers