Executive Board Council

Torero Gaming would have not made it this far if it weren’t for the lovely council running it. Every member of Torero Gaming’s E-Board has put great effort into making sure all GBMs and events are well-prepared and run smoothly. Our E-Board consists of not only passionate gamers, but creative minds that come up with new ideas for Torero Gaming.

E-Board Council Fall 2022

President of Internal Affairs – Andrew Jockelle ‘23

President of External Affairs – Melissa Short ‘23

Vice President – Cole McIntyre ‘24

Secretary – Jackson Lambros ‘24

Treasurer – Mickie Enad ‘23

Event Coordinator – Kevin Nhu ‘23

Social Media Manager – Sophie Chung ‘23

Historian – Monique Nang ’23

Equipment Managers – Carlo Sanchez ‘22 & Danielle Smith ’22

D&D Coordinator – J.P. Tasto ‘24

Esports Coordinator – Scott Schneiders ‘25

Twitch Coordinator – Zak Lauerman ’23

Staff Advisor – Darrell Morey