Our Story

E-Board at Spring 2022 Alcala Bazaar

Torero Gaming traces its origins to the first USD E-Sports club, a small club running a successful League of Legends team.  As USD’s student population grew, Torero Gaming did so as well, expanding from a small E-sports focused club to a more general gaming club, focused on creating a space for all gamers.

Over the years, we’ve always strived to meet the demand of the USD population, from building E-Sports teams that competed on the national stage to organizing gaming tournaments at USD, and even creating a large, thriving Dungeons and Dragons community.  Despite the pandemic, we’ve let nothing stop us from providing a fun atmosphere for our community and the USD community as a whole. 

Today, we continue to be a special interest club that fosters people’s interests in gaming, big or small. We utilize our resources around campus to make Torero Gaming what it is now, including outreach and planning ahead. This has led us to receiving an Innovative Connections award in 2021, and an Outstanding Student Leader award to one of our E-Board members in 2022.