Student Stories

Experiencing Servant Leadership

Angela Addington 2/3/2020

Servant leadership is something I strive for. Sometimes. When I remember. The concept seems so good and pure, and a potential solution to curing all the wrongs in the world. But the reality of it is so hard to obtain. Continue Reading…

Seeing Things Differently: Digital Story Telling for Social Justice Leadership

Peter D. Bennett 2/3/2020

One of the critiques I have of the way so much research is published and presented is that the research is intelligible and accessible to a small percentage of specialists. An underlying theme in my approach to disseminating the fruits of my research is “the democratization of knowledge.” Continue Reading…

Racially Invisible

Rena Al Shaikh 2/3/2020

I identify as Middle Eastern but am forced to select White category as there is no racial box. I do not exist here in America and am encouraged to identify as a race I am not. I am not White. Continue Reading…

High Heels of Hope


Pedro Flores 2/3/2020

Mayra Barros is a woman on a simple mission: to do what she can to help migrants
seeking asylum in the United States. On a recent trip to Tijuana with the Caravan of
Love, a bi-monthly shelter donation service organized by Border Angels, Barros
volunteered her time and her pickup truck, which was full to the brim with donations. Continue Reading…

Superheroes do exist!

Scott Yahner, 1/29/2020

It’s a bird. It’s a plane, no, it is Superman. As a child, I spent a lot of time pretending that I was a superhero. Continue Reading…

Chicano Park

Matt Delavega, 1/29/2020

Chicano Park is a national landmark located in Barrio Logan, San Diego.  It possesses more Chicano murals per acre than anywhere in the world. Continue Reading …

The Art in Chicano Park

Danielle Fritts, 1/29/2020

Chicano Park in Barrio Logan artfully exhibits beautiful murals and mosaics depicting Chicano history and culture. Continue Reading…

Beauty and the Beast: A Story of a Beautiful Park and Revolting Bathrooms

Mehrnoush Jamshidi, 1/29/2020

Imagine yourself spending time at Balboa Park, the captivating landscapes, art, culture, history and the general buzz of a place that is called the Heart of San Diego. Continue Reading…

Amor es la Repuesta

people sitting

Stephen Dubb, 1/28/2020

Leadership can be seen or heard and especially shown in many ways, shapes, and forms. I believe that there are many different definitions of the term leadership but the one that rings true to me is someone who influences a group of people. Continue Reading …

Pondering my Privilege

Teresa Van Horn, 1/27/2020

Waking up on a chilly, January morning, in a warm, comfortable bed. I get up and raise the temperature on the thermostat, click a remote to ignite the fireplace, and push a button to boil water for my tea. Continue Reading…

Leaders and Purpose


Merdin Mohammed, 1/27/2020

Who am I? That is the one question that I constantly find myself asking? What is my purpose and what am I aiming to achieve? This is especially true in my current professional role. I am an assistant director at a small charter school in city heights that serves middle and high school students. Continue Reading…