California Board of Accountancy Sponsored Bill, AB 298 (Irwin) Becomes Law

By Frannie Winters AB 298 (Irwin), as amended June 17, 2021, amends sections 5007, 5070, 5070.5, and 5094.3 of, and add sections 5009.5 and 5093.5 to, the Business and Professions Code to implement the California Board of Accountancy’s (CBA or Continue reading

California Board of Accountancy Sponsors AB 298 (Irwin) to Implement its Legislative Priorities for 2021

By Connor Greth AB 298 (Irwin), as introduced on January 25, 2021, is a bill sponsored by the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) that would amend sections 5007, 5070, and 5070.5 of, and add sections 5009.5 and 5093.5 to the Continue reading