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Each group at the University of San Diego’s Chem 355 laboratory performed a lab where bio diesel was synthesized and and glycerol was obtained as a waste product. The glycerol could have been discarded but what is the fun in that? Instead the lab groups created a glycerin soap. This fun experiment probably needs to be repeated 1 week before finals as personal hygiene starts becoming an after thought for some students.

Picture of Glycerol obtained from waste oil.


There are also health benefits associated from Glycerin Soap


Our lab group had some different color options for the soap but decided to stick with green as it is an environmentally friendly color. We also put multiple scents which at the end smelled like excellence.

As Cindy stated in her Soap article the texture of the soaps in the class were mildly viscous. Overall soap making is a lot like cooking except you don’t lick the spatula 🙂

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