About Me

Greetings! I have a BA in Art History and Medieval Studies from Rutgers University. Soon after graduation, I realized I was able to nothing with my degree. I moved to Germany and shared my passion for art with anyone who would listen to me. I also enrolled in two graduate programs simultaneously: Curriculum and Instruction and Teacher Education. I had found my passion!

I became secondary teacher and taught Language Arts and AP Art History. Along the way, I developed classes for teachers and, eventually became a school administrator.

Over the course of my career, I have sat in and given my share of professional development that was mind-numbing. I believe there is a better way to provide engaging content for teachers! Like adolescent learners, adult learners need programs that can meet their individual needs. Whether it is through the design and implementation of an online escape room or building a “Choose Your Own Adventure” program, I strive to develop teacher professional development that is engaging and relevant while also meeting their individual needs.

This portfolio showcases the types of work I have developed and used in my own school.