Biography and Publications

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Lisa M. Nunn. Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and she is also the Director of the Center for Educational Excellence at the University of San Diego and the Editor of the Critical Issues in American Education book series with Rutgers University Press. She has been recognized with multiple teaching honors including a Faculty Advising Award and a Teaching Excellence Award in addition to being named a Woman of Impact as well as a Changemaker Champion.

Professor Nunn is also an award-winning author. She has published four books with Rutgers University Press and University of California Press in addition to multiple scholarly articles. Her book 33 Simple Strategies for Faculty, was awarded the 2020 Scholarly Contributions to Teaching and Learning Award by the American Sociological Association. She has given keynotes, talks, and workshops at over 25 organizations and institutions. She has been interviewed by numerous higher education media outlets including Inside Higher Ed; the New Books Network; Academic Life; and For Your Institution.

Her scholarship centers on belonging. As a cultural sociologist she draws on sociological theory to articulate how our everyday interactions either offer belonging to others or withhold belonging from them. Professor Nunn lays out strategies and advice for how to be authentic and intentional in our day-in and day-out behaviors to make others feel connection and camaraderie, to feel they are part of our team, group, school, or workplace. As an organizations scholar, Professor Nunn further articulates how policies and practices, including workplace cultures, also offer and withhold belonging at a structural level from the people who work there or study there. She has advice for organizational leaders on how to make shifts that foster belonging and inclusion in ways that matter to people, especially those on the margins.

Professor Nunn earned her bachelor’s degree in Literature and Theater from Whittier College in California. She earned her masters degree in Sociology and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego. She has been on the faculty at the University of San Diego since 2009.

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Publications – Books and Scholarly Articles

College Belonging: How First-Year and First-Generation Students Navigate Campus Life. Rutgers University Press. 2021.
33 Simple Strategies for Faculty: A Week-by-Week Resource for Teaching First-Year or First-Generation Students. Rutgers University Press. 2019.
Education and Society: An Introduction to Key Issues in the Sociology of Education. University of California Press. 2019. Co-edited with Thurston Domina, Benjamin G. Gibbs, and Andrew Penner.
Defining Student Success: The Role of School and Culture. Rutgers University Press. 2014.



Selected Articles (you are welcome to download)
Implementing Innovative Pedagogy and a Rainbow Curriculum to Expand Learning on Diversity coauthored with Steven Sumner, lead author, Sandra Sgoutas-Emch and Evelyn Kirkley. In Insight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching. 2017.

“Girls Get Free Drinks”: Undergraduates’ Misunderstandings of Heterosexual Privilege co-authored with Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, Steven Sumner and Evelyn Kirkley. In Journal of Homosexuality. 2016.

Immersive Practices: Dilemmas of Power and Privilege in a Rural South African Village co-authored with J. Michael Williams, lead author. In Engaging Pedagogies in Catholic Higher Education. 2016.

Wearing a Rainbow Bumper Sticker: Experiential Learning on Homophobia, Heteronormativity and Heterosexual Privilege co-authored with Sophia C. Bolt. In Journal of LGBT Youth. 2015.

Classrooms as Racialized Spaces: Dynamics of Collaboration, Tension, and Student Attitudes in Urban and Suburban High Schools. In Urban Education. 2011.