Dear Students,

Congratulations on your acceptance to USD and for choosing to learn more about Psychological Sciences! I created a list below of important links to meet your academic, psychosocial, and spiritual needs to support you while you are here with us for the next few years. If you are wondering about the best place to start, I would suggest the links below on USD’s mission and core values. Then be sure to read about the incredible value of the liberal arts degree that you are working towards at USD. Then go ahead and move on to the general degree requirement links. Before choosing your major, I highly suggest spending thoughtful time examining the most recent Course Catalog. Look for the majors, minors, and/or programs that truly interest you. No matter what major you choose, your liberal arts degree will prepare you to be successful for any career that you want to pursue after graduation. If you chose Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience as your major (or Psychology as your minor), please review our Department’s Advising links and then complete the Advising tutorial before meeting with an advisor. The Chair of Psychological Sciences is Dr. Michael Ichiyama. We are so excited to have you in our department. Welcome to USD!

All the best,

Dr. z

Professor, Psychological Sciences


Advising Links for All Students

What is the University Mission? What are the Core Values?

What is the Value of a Liberal Arts Education?

How Can I Earn an Undergraduate Degree at USD?

What are Some Important Registration Links for Students?

What are Some Important Academic Support Links for Students?

What are Some Important Psychosocial Support Links for Students? 

Advising Links for Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Majors, and Psychology Minors

Where Do I Get Started to Learn More About Psychological Sciences?

  • Get to know your advisor very well. The name of your academic advisor is listed at the top of your Degree works page. Meet with him/her early and often. Office hours are posted on your portal and his/her office door.
  • Read about our faculty, our courses, Advising, and our clubs on our Department website
  • See posted flyers around Serra Hall for our regular meetings of the Psychology Club and the Psychology Journal Club. All students are welcome to attend department club events.
  • Visit our faculty during posted office hours (identified outside of our offices in Serra or online).

What majors and/or minors do you offer? What are the requirements?

I want to be more involved in the Psychological Sciences Department. How can I do that?

  • Participate in research experience (496) or an independent study (499). Talk with your advisor for more information.
  • Complete an internship or applied experienced opportunity (e.g., research) off campus. Contact the current professor for Psychology 497 (Field Experience) and/or Psychology Internship (498) for more.
  • Join Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology.
  • Attend a Psychology Journal Club or Psychology Club meeting. See flyers posted around Serra Hall.
  • Major Field Test for BN majors (Neur 492) and Psychology majors (Psyc 492). This test is required for graduation. Please contact your advisor during the start of your senior year to learn more how to complete this requirement.
  • Check out more opportunities and resources for students on our website.

What are Some Important Advising Links That I Need to Know About as a Major or Minor in the Psychological Sciences Department?

  • First off, before meeting with an advisor, take the online advising tutorial and then print out a copy of your certificate before meeting with an advisor for registration support.
  • Also, read the advising FAQ before meeting with your advisor for registration support.
  • Be sure to meet with your academic advisor sooner than later so that we can be sure that you are on track for graduation. The name of your academic advisor is listed at the top of your Degree works page.