Midstokke: Martrys

Giving your life up for a cause is the ultimate sacrifice one can make. Death is something that is a mutual fear across all humans. Martyrs throughout history who have died for their beliefs have been viewed as inspirational. The Church of Milan was the ultimate goal for the afterlife of Martyrs in Augustine’s Confessions. The Bishop of Milan would search for the bodies of those who he thought died for a better purpose, and preserve them in his church. It was because of people like this that gave religion in people’s lives top priority.

Certain miracles were said to have happened at the Ambrosian Basilica. This church contained the body of multiple Christian martyrs such as Protasius. When a large group was brought to the church to see the site that they were buried at, people were able to feel the energy that came from the fallen martyrs. This caused almost a mass confession of the people attending and strengthened their relationships with god. There was also a huge appeal to being a martyr, as you were highly respected in this time period. It also had a strong effect on nonchristian followers by letting them see first hand how strong a religion influence could be in a person’s life. Miracles such as these were common talk during this time period as everyone wanted to experience it for themselves.

People who held a close relationship with Jesus were admired during this time period especially those who followed in his role of being a martyr. Being a martyr, unfortunately, signed you up for a very tragic death, but gave you a legacy as you died for what you actually believed in. The community of Christians recognized people making the ultimate sacrifice and continue to recognize them well after their death. The connection to God that they make by giving up their life in a similar matter, makes their lasting impact that much stronger as they giving value to the teachings of God.

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