Selected Publications

Fleming-Davies, Arietta E.*, Paul D. Williams*, André A. Dhondt, Andrew P. Dobson, Wesley M. Hochachka, Ariel E. Leon, David H. Ley, Erik E. Osnas, and Dana M. Hawley. 2018. Incomplete host immunity favors the evolution of virulence in an emergent pathogen. Science, 359: 1030-1033.
*equally contributing authors

Fleming-Davies, Arietta E., Vanja Dukic, Viggo Andreasen, and Greg Dwyer. 2015.  Effects of host heterogeneity on pathogen diversity and evolution. Ecology Letters, 18:1252-1261.

Fleming-Davies, Arietta E. and Greg Dwyer. 2015. Phenotypic variation in environmental persistence of a baculovirus and the cost of virulence. The American Naturalist, 186:797-806.

Paez, David J.*, Arietta E. Fleming-Davies*, and Greg Dwyer. 2015. Effects of pathogen exposure on life-history variation in the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar).
Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 28: 18281839.
*equally contributing authors

Papers with Undergraduate Mentees

Hudson, Asher.*, Arietta E. Fleming-Davies, David J. Paez and Greg Dwyer. Genotype by genotype interactions in a baculovirus that infects gypsy moths. Accepted, Journal of Evolutionary Biology.
*undergraduate mentee