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“Seed and Nourish: Digital Humanities at USD” Award:
Dr. Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor of Political Sociology

Congratulations to Dr. Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, the latest recipient of the “Seed and Nourish: Digital Humanities at USD” award for his project “Art Builds: New Art in Mixed Worlds,” which seeks to design and deploy immersive art through the use of virtual reality (VR) technology, and to connect that virtual work with the tangible construction of an installation in physical space.
Funded by the Humanities Center, the $1000 “Seed and Nourish” award helps support new or emerging Digital Humanities (DH) endeavors by USD faculty members. DH is a collaborative method that employs technology for performing scholarship and disseminating knowledge in humanities disciplines and in the humanistic social sciences.  
In his application, Dr. Choi-Fitzpatrick described the timeliness of the project: “The pandemic has transformed how people connect, groups coordinate, and art is experienced. Art Build’s collaborative experimentation with affordable and widely-available virtual reality (VR) equipment lead us to believe much can be learned about how art is experienced. Funding from the Humanities Center will help us build out a virtual environment in which we can safely design and plan a new public art piece, the construction and installation of which has been funded by a grant from the City of San Diego.”
Dr. Choi-Fitzpatrick will share more about the project during a virtual Humanities Center event slated for April 2021.
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