Inaugural “Seed and Nourish: Digital Humanities at USD” Award

Inaugural “Seed and Nourish: Digital Humanities at USD” Award:
Dr. Emilie Amrein, Associate Professor of Music

Congratulations to Dr. Emilie Amrein, recipient of the inaugural “Seed and Nourish: Digital Humanities at USD” award for her project “The Choral Commons,” a virtual space for choirs and conductors to envision innovative and equity-centered choral futures, by producing podcasts and interactive webinars, engaging community partners, and incubating new choral projects.
Funded by the Humanities Center, the $1000 “Seed and Nourish” award helps support new or emerging Digital Humanities (DH) endeavors by USD faculty members. DH is a collaborative method that employs technology for performing scholarship and disseminating knowledge in humanities disciplines and in the humanistic social sciences.  
In her application, Dr. Amrein emphasized the special importance of this work during the current pandemic.
“This is an opportune moment for choral organizations to reflect on past practice, to innovate in response to the limitations imposed by our current circumstance, and to strategize about the future of the choral art form and choral organizations. Artists and arts organizations are uniquely positioned to respond creatively to societal challenges, advocate against and draw attention to systemic oppression, and cultivate belonging, empowerment, and wellness among those affected by this public health crisis.”
Dr. Amrein will share more about the Choral Commons during a Humanities Center event slated for spring semester 2021.
The second CFP for the “Seed and Nourish: Digital Humanities at USD” award is now open! Visit

For questions, contact Amanda Makula, Digital Humanities Element Chair, at

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