News: 2012 Character Matters Essay Contest Winners

Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners!

Elementary School

1st Place: People are Like Puzzles
By Eitan Breziner, Grade 5
Teacher: Hagit Cohen-Hamo
San Diego Jewish Academy

2nd Place: Friendship Matters
By Rachel Ownbey, Grade 4
Teacher: Cindy Canfield
Berry Elementary

3rd Place: Character Matters to Me
By Maria Ines Acosta, Grade 5
Teacher: April Henry
St. Therese Academy

Middle School

1st Place: 1,825 DAYS
By Ana Laura Castro, Grade 8
Teacher: Juan Escamilla
Nestor Language Academy Charter School

2nd Place: Third Time’s A Charm
By Noah Packard, Grade 7
Teacher: Kim Pittner
Coronado Middle School

3rd Place: The Clown Death March
By Kimberly Strater, Grade 7
Teacher: Michele Gallo
Oak Valley Middle School

High School

1st Place: Character Matters
Jackeline Recinos, Grade 9
Teacher: Erika Heinzman
Kearny High Complex S1B

2nd Place: Character
By Adam Motiwala, Grade 12
Teacher: Sumaiyah Vedder
National University Academy

3rd Place: My Inspiration
Megan Davey, Grade 10
Teacher: Cynthia Hedges
Point Loma High School


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