Mental Well-being for Students

Online Course Information 

The well-being of our USD community is of critical importance and is ever more so during this unprecedented time. Mental health is a key dimension of our overall wellness and a dimension that we need to care actively for. With this in mind, we are very glad to share with you a new online resource for USD students: Mental Well-being for Students.

Mental Well-being for Students equips participants with essential skills and information to navigate some of the primary stressors and emotional challenges associated with college life. The 45-minute digital course helps participants develop self-care practices, recognize when they or their peers are in distress, and take action to find or offer additional support.

There is no requirement to participate in this course. We simply encourage participation as a strategy to strengthen your self-care and resilience during this time. Please keep in mind that USD has many resources available to support you. Visit to explore additional strategies for caring for your well-being as well as to find information on how to access Student Wellness services during this time.

Course Access

This course is available to all USD students who are interested in completing it. Students can use their USD One credentials to log in and access the course at the following link:

Questions or concerns regarding this course can be emailed to