Top 5 Reasons to Take the USD Health Survey

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Take the USD Health Survey today!
An important survey is coming to campus. It’s a survey where you, a student and a human being that matters, will have the ability to confidentially report various health concerns you are facing as a college student.

Every year, the American College Health Association (ACHA) sends out the National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA) to universities across the country. The survey provides data to gauge the biggest wellness concerns and assess the needs for improvement.

As college students, we are diverse, and therefore have our own specific health needs. So let’s rise up to the occasion, take the survey, and make sure USD is informed about the issues we are facing and the resources we need.


1. It’s a big deal: universities across the nation, and government policymakers all use the NCHA to make decisions that affect our health and our education.

2. It will help universities track the biggest wellness concerns: taking the survey provides critical data needed to improve campus wellness resources. The survey covers a wide range of issues including: alcohol & drug use, sexual health, weight & nutrition, mental health, and personal safety & violence.

3. It helps universities acquire grants: the more people who take the survey, the more money we get to improve campus resources.

4. You get prizes: students who complete the survey are eligible to win one of ten $50 prizes.

5. The results are looked at as a whole: the survey is confidential; answers to the survey questions aren’t looked at individually and the data is only received in aggregate from ACHA. Take this time to really reflect on your own health and well-being!

So, make sure you voice your concerns about current wellness issues and improvements that you would like to see implemented on campus. When you take the survey, you’re not just taking it for yourself; you’re taking it for the good of the entire USD community.