Tips for College Students to stay Healthy + Happy During the Holidays

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The holidays are always packed with family, food and good times. Sometimes this season of celebration can be overwhelming but by following these tips you can have a happy, healthy and relaxing holiday season!

Eat Well (or as well as you can during the holidays)

We all know the holidays are packed with rich comfort food and lots of sweet treats. Try to take small portions and eat in moderation to avoid stuffing yourself and regretting it later. Try your best to indulge only in your favorite holidays treats rather than aimlessly trying one of each of the sweets.

Stay Active

Working out during the holidays is just as important as it is any other time of the year. Especially when there is a lot going on, working out helps you feel energized and can even help relax you from all the gift giving and family time. And, what a better way to stay healthy than to workout to balance out the holiday food you may be indulging in!

Travel Smart + Safely

Many  of us will be leaving USD to head home or travel for the holidays. It’s important to do what you can while traveling on a plane or by car to stay healthy. While traveling, it is beneficial to wash your hands frequently to avoid catching a cold from any of the travelers around you. Stay hydrated and think about packing some healthy snacks to munch on  to keep your body replenished and healthy.


The holidays are meant to be a happy time with family and loved ones but sometimes they can end up being a lot more stressful than anticipated. Balancing family time and the financial struggle of gift giving are both prominent stressors during the holidays. A good tip for dealing with holiday stress is creating a plan ahead of time. Often we wait until the last minute to think about gifts or when we will see which family and friends. Try planning ahead and getting on top of all the planning a few weeks before break starts. Having a game plan can really help reduce stress during the holiday season.

Treat Yourself!

While the holidays are all about giving and spending time with family and loved ones, it is also important to show yourself some love. Remember to take some time out of the hectic family time to treat yourself! Whether that’s sleeping in one day, going on a walk to collect your thoughts, watching your favorite show or reading a book, find some time for you! Take time out of the busy holiday season to do something that makes you happy! Happy Holidays!