Redefining the Designated Driver

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Designated DriverDo you like spending the weekends with your friends, being both social and productive, enjoying your days as much as your nights, and making sure that your friends all get home safely? Then I have the perfect job for you: The designated driver. This position requires immense amounts of patience, a good attitude, a BAC of .00, a valid driver’s license, and a motor vehicle.

Being the DD is extremely underrated. Sometimes perceived as a hassle or an annoyance, the designated driver actually gets to experience the best parts of the night, without having to worry about finding a safe ride home, being out extremely late, or having to nurse a hangover. If you want to go out with friends who are choosing to drink, but are not feeling up to drinking yourself, offering to be the DD is the perfect compromise.

Acting as the DD, you are putting yourself in a position to go out and socialize, maintain alertness, meet new friends, keep an eye on your friends, and decide when it is time to head home. The DD holds the power! Everyone loves you, and the best part is that you’ll be able to wake up early the next morning, clear-headed and energized to spend the day working on homework, enjoying the beach, or hiking around San Diego.

Being the Designated Driver does mean that you are taking on more responsibility for the night, and you may spend some time tracking down your friends, but there are a lot of benefits too. One unforeseen bonus of being a DD is that oftentimes your friends will want some late night snacks, and the designated driver is often paid in free meals, (or if you’re lucky, trident layers). Many people also like to pay it forward, and will offer to be the DD next time you go out. It is important to always have a plan for safe transportation at the end of a night. Whether you are attending a party, having a few drinks with dinner, or playing trivia at the local sports bar, you’ll need a sober ride home and taking turns being the DD is a responsible, free, convenient plan.

At the end of the night, it comes down to two things. First, the story. Since the beginning of designated driving, DDs have experienced countless adventures. These stories are often unbelievable, but I assure you, the tales are true and they are enjoyable to re-tell. Second, and most importantly, you were a good friend, and you did your part to help make the USD community safer. It’s nice to know that you were there for your friends as they would be for you. Also, now they owe you a ride, which I recommend cashing in for that 6 AM flight.