Give a Hoot about your Health

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Give a hoot about your health at USDHealth is a component of well being which requires regular maintenance in our lives. Even the seemingly insignificant habits we create for ourselves can have a significant cumulative effect on our health. Health is impacted by the small choices we make throughout the day: From our first meal of the day to the time of night we hit the hay.

Most of us identify health as a priority, and desire to maintain our health as we age. School, work, and other commitments can keep us busy, and even though we know health is a lifelong priority, it often takes a backseat to our more pressing demands.

As we enter the final stretch of the semester, we may be tempted to fall into some unhealthy habits to unwind and distract ourselves. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a new season of Netflix, stay up late cramming with caffeine and sugary snacks, focus on unnecessary tasks like deep cleaning and reorganizing, or giving up our exercise practices to make more time to study.

No matter what you juggle, it is important to give your body and mind the thoughtful attention and awareness they deserve. When you submit those final papers or exams, we want to make sure you’ve been maintaining your healthy habits so that you can begin your summer feeling accomplished, energized, and worry-free.

We came up with this nifty list of tips to help you build and practice some easy, healthy habits:

  1. Eat Well: When you wake up, eat something nutritious. Opt for high-fiber cereal, fresh fruit, and a hard-boiled egg. The better the meal, the better you’ll feel, thus helping your energy and ability to focus. Healthy snacks will energize you and you will avoid a sugar crash.
  1. Breathe and Relax: Take a moment and make sure you are breathing deeply. Oxygen flowing to your muscles will keep them from tensing. Relax by quickly stretching your entire body; this will take just two minutes and can really help you relax.
  1. Exercise: You might think you don’t have time for exercise—think again! Exercise helps you focus. It gives you additional energy, and it releases endorphins to make you feel better.
  1. Get plenty of rest: The night before a final, go to bed early! Staying up all night to cram is not helpful. Study an hour or so before bed, and then take some time to relax before you go to bed for the night. A good night’s sleep will help you feel refreshed for your finals.



We also have plenty of resources on campus to help! Stop by the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion in UC 161 if you’d like more tips on staying healthy!