A Highlight on USD Resources

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USD is committed to giving students resources that promote growth, learning, and the health and well-being necessary to strive for excellence. For this blog, I wanted to help highlight some of the helpful resources on campus that many students may be unaware of. While exploring some of the student resources on campus, I was astonished by how many I had never used or had little knowledge of before. Here is a list of four of the services I learned more about that can help make your time at USD even more successful by building your USD network of support!  

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is one of USD’s amazing tutoring services dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals. Providing services for students at any stage of the writing process, Writing Center staff can aid in the essay process and your overall success. At the heart of the Writing Center is the goal to engage in discussion, collaboration, and meaningful one-on-one exchange of ideas so that students learn to gain confidence in their writing abilities while improving their skills through process-oriented revision of essays.

Mary Berset, the Coordinator for the Writing Center says that “the University of San Diego’s Writing Center is an inclusive community serving undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines. In one-on-one consultations, our experienced consultants provide critical reflection and constructive feedback during the multiple stages of the writing process, from planning to composing to revision. In this process, it is our goal to help students develop strategies for improving their writing, for gaining confidence in their writing, and for developing educational independence.”  

If you would like to contact the Writing Center, you can visit their website or call

(619) 260-4581. The Writing Center is located in Founders Hall 190B for those of you who wish to speak to a consultant in person.

University Ministry

University Ministry is a resource that engages with students to help them explore their spirituality and aid in its cultivation. Offering a number of faith-based programs and retreats for students seeking to enrich their spirituality, University Ministry hopes to engage and collaborate with students to help them address and respond to the emerging needs of our campus community. No matter a student’s spirituality, the University Ministry is here to offer support and engage in meaningful conversations that nurture personal development and encourage intellectual, social, and spiritual growth.

“Our hope is that University Ministry is a place where students can feel welcome no matter where they are on their faith journey or even if they are not religious.” says Maria Gaughan, the Assistant Director of University Ministry. “University Ministers hope to create a safe space where students can come talk to them about anything, whether it’s relationships, family, anxiety, vocational discernment, growing in their faith, etc. It’s such a privilege to be able to connect with students one on one during this really important time in their lives. We also strive to help students find a sense of belonging to community here at USD by providing awesome opportunities for retreats, service and social justice immersions and beautiful liturgies. Students can drop by any of the University Minister’s offices to chat or can set up an appointment via email.”

To contact University Ministry, you can visit their website or call (619) 260-4735. A list of activities and programs can also be found here for those interested in becoming involved in service opportunities offered through the University Ministry. Their main office is located in UC 238 for those interested in visiting and learning more about all they have to offer in person.

The Women’s Center

The USD Women’s Center creates an inclusive space for students explore their voice, identity, and sense of power. Offering a safe space for all members of the USD community, the Women’s Center invites students, faculty, and staff to engage in discussions around issues of oppression and inequality. Additionally, the Women’s Center does a great job at providing opportunities for students to learn more about pressing issues and what it looks like to transform this knowledge into action for positive social change.

Amanda Luckett, the Prevention and Education Coordinator for the Women’s Center says that “people are always welcome here. Although the space is only staffed until 5pm, it remains open until 11pm so if a student wants a space to come share in conversation or relax, this space is open to them. We would love for people to come and join in conversation while being their most authentic selves here.”

If you would like to contact the Women’s Center or learn more about what they have to offer, you can visit their website, call (619) 260-2396, or visit the center in SLP 420. You are always welcome!

The Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success offers programs, services, and experiences designed to promote student excellence both in and out of the classroom. Known for their involvement in the First and Second Year Experience programs, the Center for Student Success also offers resources for academic coaching and unique online resource for students to track their college experience, titled the “Student Learning and Development Transcript”.

“The CSS offers Student Success Coaching where professional staff and peer coaches are available to meet with any undergraduate student experiencing challenges at USD that impact academic performance and persistence” says Taylor Avery, Program Assistant for the Center for Student Success.

To contact the Center for Student Success, you can visit their website or call

(619) 260-5995. You can also visit their office, located in UC 114, to learn more about their resources.

These four centers are just a small example of the many amazing opportunities for student involvement and supportive resources available on campus. The Writing Center, University Ministry, the Women’s Center, and the Center for Student Success are all equally wonderful places for you to build your network of support and create meaningful connections. The next time you’re in need of some help or wanting to get involved in a new community, remember that there are so great resources to explore on our campus!