Kognito: At Risk

Kognito: At-Risk is a 30-45 minute, online, interactive gatekeeper training program to learn the common signs of psychological distress and how best to approach an at-risk student for referral to the Counseling Center.

Directions for Kognito


speech bubble that says "can you start the conversation? learn to refer with Kognito"Click here for full instructions to access and complete the training. Once you have read the instructions, please click here to log-in to Kognito.

  1. Log into Kognito.
  2. When logging in for the first time, click on the orange “Create a New Account”  link.
  3. Create your New Account using your sandiego.edu email address. When asked for your enrollment key, use one of the following:
    1. For Students: sandiego8115
    2. For Faculty or Staff: sandiego875
  4. Select “Next Step”.
  5. On the next several screens, complete the demographic questions.
  6. Read the Terms and Conditions and check “I agree to the Terms and Conditions.” Then select “done.”
  7. At the top of the screen, choose the course and select “Launch” to begin the training and complete the pre-survey. The training will begin and will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  If at any time you need to pause and return to the course, you can exit and log back into your course using the user account you created.
  8. Once you have completed the training, please complete the post-survey.
  9. If you are a student who has already completed the “At-Risk for Students” course and are required to complete the course again, please follow the steps below:
    1. Log in using your sandiego.edu email address and password that you previously created for Kognito: At-Risk.
    2. Select the “At-Risk for Students” icon and select “Need to Recertify?”Kognito RecertifyThis will reset the course and allow you to start the course again at the beginning.  Once you’ve completed, you’ll receive a new certificate of completion and your previous certificate will still be available.
    3. If you previously took the “At-Risk for Students” course, and would prefer to take the “At-Risk for Faculty and Staff” course (instead of re-certifying), click on the “At-Risk for Faculty and Staff” icon and select “Enroll”.  Enter the Faculty/Staff Enrollment Key: sandiego875. Select “Launch” to begin.Kognito Faculty Staff arrow
    4. If you are a student who previously took the “At-Risk for Faculty and Staff” course, and would like to take the “At-Risk for Students” course, click on the “At-Risk for Students” icon and select “Enroll”.  Enter the Student Enrollment Key: sandiego8115.  Select “Launch” to begin.Kognito Students arrow
  10. If you have trouble creating your account or logging in, check to make sure you have enabled pop-ups in your browser settings. If you still have trouble, try using a different web browser. For further technical assistance, please call Kognito at (212) 675-9234 between 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. or email support@kognito.com for assistance outside of these hours.