About FYW 150

This page is for first-time instructors of FYW 150 at USD. Start here to learn the basics, then navigate the tabs  for examples and other resources available to you as you plan your class. Click here for a sample syllabus.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing FYW150, students should be able to:

  1. Write in ways appropriate to the audiences and occasions of each assignment
  2. Write effectively in or about multiple discourses by distinguishing among and responding to rhetorical contexts 
  3. Apply relevant and compelling content, based on strong understandings of assigned subjects, in order to write effectively across multiple types of discourse
  4. Use credible sources to develop ideas and arguments that are effective within assigned disciplines and discourses
  5. Cite sources accurately according to conventions of the topic and discipline 
  6. Write clearly and fluently, with few errors in syntax and grammar
Suggested Texts and Readings for FYW classes

There is no one required textbook for the FYW 150 courses.  Faculty can choose the theme of their courses and should choose texts about that theme that come from multiple disciplinary discourses and genres. According to the Writing Competency Area Task Force Report (10/14/15), your goal in this course is “to help students recognize that many different kinds of writing and discourse are found across academia and in public media, the workplace, and elsewhere.”  

Additionally, we strongly encourage faculty members to choose readings that fall into the “writing about writing” category.  Examples of accessible readings in discourse or genre theory, writing process, and rhetorical analysis can be found on this site under the “Readings” tab or in the following open-source textbooks: 

FYW faculty may create a course reader and make readings available through the Copley Library E-Reserves: https://www.sandiego.edu/library/find/reserves.php.  The E-Reserves service will take care of copyright/intellectual property issues for you. You will need a USD login to access this service.  Contact  reserves@sandiego.edu for more information. 

You can order books for students to purchase through the Torero Bookstore.  If you were recently hired, then you’ll need to contact the textbook manager Michael Goodrich (michael.goodrich@sandiego.edu) to find out how to order your books.  Please remember that books can take several weeks (or more) to arrive.  If the books you order will not be in stock at the Bookstore by the time the semester begins, you should figure that in to your course plans. Please also know that while it is fine for students to choose to purchase their books anywhere, some students have financial aid packages that include a book allowance and this allowance can only be used at the Torero Bookstore; therefore, the books that you expect students to purchase should be available at the Torero Bookstore.  If you need an instructor copy of a book, please contact the Writing Program EA, Hugo Werstler (werstlerhu@sandiego.edu).

Course Management and Assignment Submission Systems

Recently, IT made Blackboard course pages available for all courses. If you login to Blackboard at ole.sandiego.edu and do not see a page for each of your courses, contact the Learning Design Center: LDCsupport@sandiego.edu.

Faculty may use any course management or assignment submission system they want (Google Drive, another CMS that is available for free, password-protected WordPress site, email, or traditional paper submissions).  Please be mindful, however, of students’ privacy–choose a platform that will not make our first-year students’ writing searchable online.