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Healing Triumphs Over Domestic Violence

Dr. Stephanie Mines, a psychologist who has a unique understanding of healing, analyzes massage therapy through her extensive work and research in the profession. The published article depicts massage therapy as an effective resolution to the psychological stress caused by domestic violence, mostly aimed towards women. She suggests that a massage therapist is able to bring out the hidden traumas through close observation on both patients’ psychological and physical states, underscoring the key communication between the patient and the therapist through direct contact. The article references other therapists, survivors, and renowned authors to demonstrate the positive effect on this type of alternative therapy. This unique approach sheds a new light on the world of alternative therapies directed towards survivors of domestic violence.

Mines, Stephanie. “Healing Triumphs Over Domestic Violence.” Massage Bodywork. October-November 2001. Web. 9 July 2014. <http://www.massagetherapy.com/articles/index.php/article_id/109/Healing-Triumphs-Over-Domestic-Violence>.


Hope for Healing

Structured into categories that break down different issues and types of trauma healing, this article discusses ways the agencies in post-war countries provide education, better healthcare, and psychological therapies to children in need. By providing a wide range of examples of different situations and regions, readers are able to perceive a conclusive overview of practical care and therapies that can truly heal the wounds of war. Published on the website “Children of War,” this article reflects a positive attitude towards the healing process through both medical and alternative therapies. The article recounts a story of a Jewish psychiatrist who grew up during World War II and another story of a boy in post-war Cambodia. The article details how medical services and psychological therapies can truly improve the lives of those who have suffered, demonstrating different key elements crucial to the process of healing.

McHugh, Kristin. “Hope for Healing.” Children of War. Web. 9 July 2014. <http://www.warchildren.org/hope.html>.


The possible models of creative therapies for the child victims of war and armed conflicts

One goal shared by many forms of creative therapies is the act of reintegrating survivors of violence back into society. The author, Tabatabai Minou from Payam noor University in Iran, focuses on the use of creative therapies when reintegrating child victims of war, underscoring the powerful effects of media, music, and television. There are many factors that influence the reintegration process. The author stresses the need to implement different therapies in its most suitable form in order to maximize their impact. Not all patients are the same and not all therapies will work, so a wide range in types is necessary to ensure healthy rehabilitation. For instance, the author believes performance art has the potential to address children’s morals, while cinema and television serve the role of sensitizing the public to recognize the problems associated to child victims of war.

Minou, Tabatabai. “The possible models of creative therapies for the child victims of war and armed conflicts.” Asia Pacific Education Review. Vol. 7. No. 2. 2006. Web. 24 July 2014. <http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ752343.pdf>.

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