Letter to the Reader: Chelsea Luo

Dear Reader,Original_Chelsea_1

Thank you for taking the time to explore this chapter in the 2015 WorldLink Reader. As the first chapter defines violence by its nature, we should keep in mind that understanding violence is only the first step in healing the wounds and putting an end to it. In the direct aftermath of violence, the use of medical services and alternative therapies is a crucial component. This chapter, “Healing through Medical and Alternative Therapies,” delves into the actual healing process, detailing both familiar and new therapies that aim to reintegrate survivors back into society.

All forms of violence, varied in their origin and form, often lead to similar results. Survivors of violence often suffer from both physical and mental health issues, which prompt many types of health needs in the field. As I began my research, I came across various forms of therapies, such as music, art, and storytelling, each taking a unique approach. This chapter is divided into four sections classified by forms of therapies to better address how they correspond to individual needs.

There are several individuals and organizations worldwide that are actively involved in both medical and trauma healing areas. Bountiful research and papers have been written by experts to either inform or provide recommendations, from a renowned Ugandan writer treating former child soldiers to a trained music therapist in Singapore who uses both western and Southeast Asian therapeutic techniques. Therapies used in the healing process have gained international attention, thus providing us a better understanding on new approaches towards healing the wounds of violence.

My summer internship with WorldLink provided me a rewarding opportunity to explore, learn, and harvest valuable knowledge and keen awareness on this issue. I hope this publication will serve as a positive medium for you as well, and that it will encourage awareness and participation in the discussed therapies.


Chelsea Luo, Poway High School

WorldLink 2014 Summer Intern

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