Letter to the Reader: Nicole Martindale

Dear Reader,Original_Nicole_1

I truly appreciate your decision to take the first step of many to rid the world of violence. Educating yourself about types of violence is an important initial step in achieving peace. This chapter on “Identifying Violence” will inform you or add to your prior knowledge about major forms of violence that occur worldwide every day.

Violence is such a widespread issue that it would be difficult to include all of the various types of violence in a single chapter. After a considerable amount of research, I have decided to divide this chapter into six sections: domestic violence, school violence, gang violence, human and sex trafficking, war, genocide and torture, and case examples.

Many people assume that certain types of violence, such as human and sex trafficking or domestic violence, only occur in developing countries. However, these conflicts could and quite possibly do exist in our local towns. It is estimated that around 293,000 American youth are at risk of being sexually exploited. This number is just an estimation considering there are many cases that have gone unreported but nonetheless, there is a high percentage of American youth who are and have been at risk. Although some statistics you will read in this chapter may alarm you, understanding the root causes and the differences between types of violence is a vital step towards raising awareness and taking action.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this chapter. This is the first stepping-stone in getting across a rough river. There will be tough times when we get swept up by the current or tripped by the rapid, but eventually we will reach the other side towards a more peaceful world.

Best wishes,

Nicole Martindale, Torrey Pines High School

WorldLink 2014 Summer Intern

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