Letter to the Reader: David Ilori

Dear Reader,David_Ilori

The theme of environment and land and its relationship to conflict raises very interesting topics that are relevant to populations all over the world. You may not know this, but conflicts concerning environment and land affect each of us today and will continue to affect us on a much larger scale in the near future. For instance, a particular conflict over land and natural resources in one part of the world may increase the prices of a specific product at your local store.

However, for others, land disputes and environmentally based conflicts may have more of a significant impact, which can take form in armed conflict or frequent land evacuations. The effects and tragedies of these types of disputes are prevalent worldwide, causing those in its wake to suffer, which is why I want to call attention to this matter and bring awareness.

‘Environment and Land’ based conflicts is a very broad topic to cover, which is why I separated my research regionally. From land disputes in Brazil to the extraction of natural resources in Kenya, this chapter addresses the different environment and land-related issues that exist in the different global regions. Although disputes over land and natural resources are often solely associated to violence and armed warfare, that is not always the case. In my chapter, you will notice a variety of causes and effects associated to environment and land conflicts.

Personally, the way in which countries deal with and sort out their issues intrigues me. As I began my research, I was interested in learning more, as I hope you are too. The topic of environment and land as they relate to global conflicts is a fascinating theme in itself, and I hope you enjoy the discovery process as much as I did.


David Ilori, Otay Ranch High School

WorldLink 2013 Summer Intern

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