Letter to the Reader: Aileen Seo

Dear Reader,Aileen_Seo

Thank you for taking the time to review this chapter, as it is imperative that individuals understand the severity of these issues that are pervading our world today. Conflict has always been a problem in the history of humanity and will continue to come up in different forms. In several ways, technology and other advancements have exacerbated human lives and conditions of global poverty. The only preventative measure we can take is to foster the growth of knowledge in this topic of global conflict.

Global conflict is something that many of us hear about but fail to acknowledge. We consistently hear of news of some civil war unfolding on another continent, but fail to understand that this is not only a fight on one continent, but also an attack on humanity. Many conditions brought on by conflict leave a population decrepit and unable to function. Conflict often forces many families to flee to refugee and displacement camps, where lack of clean water and vulnerability to rebel forces leave people in a constant struggle for survival. During and after times of conflict, cycles of poverty leave families without shelter and food, diminishing an entire generation of leaders and innovators. Conflict strips opportunity from individuals who have potential in vocations other than fighting.

Responses to global conflict-induced poverty and hunger have ranged in scope, but one aspect seems to tie each solution together – the need for policymakers to stem war and find alternatives to warfare. Conflict can have devastating and far-reaching impacts on countries and the people that inhabit them. Cycles of poverty and hunger are initiated, leaving too many families in derelict and hopeless conditions. The cost of human lives and the aftermath of conflict cannot be accounted for and life for individuals impacted by war is miserable. Many nations have made efforts at implementing social service programs in health and education only to be stopped on account of conflict in the region. Conflict steals from the already-existing programs and services made available to a group of people. War reverses progress and leaves efforts in rehabilitation and aid in a futile state. However, through education and awareness, we can work to reverse these cycles and to bring about solutions.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these issues. Global conflict involves both peacemaking and recognizing the consequences conflict can have on a population. Recognition is key in understanding why our world cannot afford to delve into another conflict.


Aileen Seo, Scripps Ranch High School

WorldLink 2013 Summer Intern

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