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Iraq to Disband Court that Tried Saddam Hussein

This article discusses the recent decision by the government of Iraq to disband the Iraqi High Criminal Tribunal. In the past, the tribunal has made a number of important legal decisions, and has been instrumental in convicting many Iraqi leaders involved with war crimes committed during the Iran-Iraq War. However, the tribunal’s compliance to international standards has been questioned. Therefore, the government believes that further peace can be attained if the court is disbanded.

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Bullets Stall Youthful Push for Arab Spring

The recent “Arab Spring” protests have shaken Middle Eastern society to its core and have inspired numerous reform movements aimed at improving society throughout the region. Youth have played a crucial role in bringing about social and political change. Many young individuals have faced financial hardship and are demanding greater economic opportunities. Many youth in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have been unable to support themselves financially, and have risen up against their governments in support of democracy. This New York Times article gives personal references of people from different Arab countries undergoing protests.  It analyzes the protests themselves, and also the responses of the governments to the protestors.  Often bloody and dangerous, the protests are sending a message to the international community pertaining to justice: all people deserve to be heard.

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