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Venezuela: Human Rights Guarantees Must Be Respected: A Summary of Human Rights Concerns

Amnesty International submitted this document to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. It gives a detailed analysis of the current injustices arising in Venezuela regarding the treatment of journalists, women, prisoners, and human rights advocates. According to Amnesty International, the federal police of Venezuela committed human rights abuses by suppressing the opinions of individuals who speak out against government activities. This document discusses numerous alleged abuses of power, including the overcrowding of prisons, the unlawful treatment of women in the community, and the closing of public TV stations. Given the idea of universal jurisdiction, the Venezuelan government should play a more active role in enforcing human rights guidelines established by the international community.

“Venezuela: Human Rights Guarantees Must Be Respected: A Summary of Human Rights Concerns.” Amnesty International. 21 Mar. 2011. Web. 29 July 2011.  <>.



Uruguay Removes Block on Investigating Military Rule Abuses

This is an interesting Amnesty International article that analyzes the decision made by Jose Mujica, President of Uruguay, to allow investigations of the alleged abuses committed during military rule. It is estimated that over 80 cases of human rights violations occurred between 1973 and 1985. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights stated that the 1986 Expiry Law violates the American Convention on Human Rights. Under the law, the Executive has the authority to investigate or to overlook alleged human rights violations committed by the police and military. In the past, former Uruguayan presidents closed several cases, which allowed the perpetrators to get away with injustices including torture, executions and forced disappearances.

“Uruguay Removes Block on Investigating Military Rule Abuses.” Amnesty International. 1 July 2011. Web. 29 July 2011. <>.

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