Letter to the Reader: Emiliano De Riquer

Dear Reader,

Thank you for devoting some attention to these issues that are occurring around the world. Several events that occur in our planet can cause turmoil and may be horrific. We may ask ourselves – where did our humanity end, and when will it start again? But believe me when I say this, although there are atrocious events taking place at this exact moment, there are people who care about others in this world.

Responsible business is not a delicate matter, as it might seem. Although the title of this very topic may seem that it is something positive, this concept needs care and attention. We must take into consideration the individuals who are working in deplorable conditions and suffer from a lack of responsible business – many people who make our shirts, shoes, phones, etc. However, this is something that can be handled, and is not impossible to abolish. Today, many businesses worldwide are taking action against these cases, and are making sure that their business suits the needs and the rights of their workers.

Many businesses and organizations are taking new measures in securing their company’s wealth, as well as their workers’ health. These are places that people can feel safe and comfortable when working, and they know they will be served with the dignity and respect that they deserve. I appreciate the fact that you took a minute out of your day to read these sources. It is my hope that you will be inspired to do something great in the matter.



Emiliano De Riquer, La Jolla High School

WorldLink 2011 Summer Intern


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