Letter to the Reader: Sebastien Akarmann

Dear Reader,

Thank you for interesting yourself in the issues and conflicts currently affecting the world today.  Most of the information in this reader is designed to give you a well-built foundation for you to expand your knowledge. Furthermore, I hope the reader will allow you to have a greater understanding of what these issues mean for you and the rest of the world.  Most importantly, I hope the reader will inspire you to bring about change in people here in San Diego and across the world.

The topic of disability is often a very controversial topic.  It affects every country in the world, and is experienced in 1 out of 7 people.  Many people have stereotypes about the disabled and do not see the truth behind disability.  The World Health Organization recently released a report detailing many of the problems faced by those who are disabled. Contrary to what many would think, discrimination against those who are disabled in developed countries is still significant despite many advances and the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities.

Many of these infringements on the rights of the disabled can be easily amended, yet remain in their current state. With a world increasingly obsessed with perfection and accuracy, it is hard for many to see past someone’s disability.  I hope this reader will allow you to see how disabled people can be contributing members of society, and how many root causes of disability-related problems can be easily prevented.



Sebastien Akarmann, Cathedral Catholic High School

WorldLink 2011 Summer Intern


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