Small Arms in Conflict

Blood At The Crossroads – Amnesty International

This report covers almost every aspect of the small arms trade including information about the trade, the use of small arms in conflict, small arms and human rights, military abuse of weapons, discussion on possible action such as arms treaties and arms for development programs. Not only is the range of information covered vast, but the way it is discussed varies from statistical data, first hand accounts, current international and humanitarian law, and analysis.

“Blood At the Crossroads.” 17 September 2008. Amnesty International. June 2009.


Conflict’s Children

Conflict’s Children is an academic study on the cost of small arms in two districts in Uganda, Kitgum and Kotido. The report uses data collected on the number of civilian and military casualties, hospitalizations, and abductions to analyze the relative effect of small arms proliferation in these areas. Within the report are also a number of specific cases where the effect is clearly demonstrated.

“Conflict’s Children: the human cost of small arms in Kitgum and Kotido, Uganda.” January 2001. Oxfam America. July 2010.


Peace, Security, and the Millennium Development Goals in West Africa

As the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals draws nearer, whether or not countries will meet them and why is becoming a topic of increasing interest. The premise of this article is that small arms proliferation has a negative impact on a developing country’s ability to reach the MDG’s. One of the specific ideas discussed in this article is “arms for development” programs, and how those can provide needed funds for developing nations to put towards programs which help them reach the MDG’s.

Ayissi, Anatole. “Peace, security and the Millennium Development Goals in West Africa.” (Published in) Disarmament Forum. 2008. The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research. July 2010.


Handle with Care: Private Security Companies in Timor-Leste

In countries experiencing conflict and civil unrest it is a popular practice among  those who can afford it, to hire private security for their protection. This article examines this topic using the example of the practice in Timor-Leste. The article demonstrates the difficulty of regulating this industry, as well as the negative impact it has on the remaining population.

Parker, Sarah. “Handle with Care: Private Security in Timor-Leste.” 2009. East Timor Law Journal. July 2010.

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