Gun Culture

America’s Gun Culture

Published by BBC, this article shows a foreign perspective on American gun culture. The article references the idea that fascination with guns has been integrated into American worldview from the early days of the nation. The writer attempts to unravel ludicrous claims by both sides of the debate to show their truth. In the end, the author does not propose any particular solution, merely presents the issue for discussion.

Carver, Tom. “Analysis: America’s Gun Culture.” 25 April 2000. BBC. July 2010.


Gun Culture in South Eastern Europe – Section Five (pages 23 – 30)

When discussing social issues and creating international law, it is important to understand the cultural perspective of those who will be affected. The gun culture of South Eastern Europe is the focus of this article, with a look into how guns are portrayed in media, music, video games, and by public leaders.

Gounev, Philip and Hajdinjak Marko. “’The rifle has the devil inside’ Gun Culture in South Eastern Europe.” May 2006. South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearing House for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons. July 2010.  (Section Five: pages 23 – 30).


Detecting Illegal Arms Trade

This article puts forth an economic model of detecting illegal arms by studying how stock returns were affected by trade embargos and/or increased conflict. The idea is that if companies are not complying with international embargo, and continue to sell to countries in conflict, their stock returns will not be affected and in fact, they will often profit from the increased demand for small arms. Thus, the reverse is true; if a company does comply, their stock returns decline.

DellaVigna, Stefano and La Ferrara, Eliana. “Detecting Illegal Arms Trade.” October 2006.  Columbia University. July 2010.

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