Violence, Crime, and Illegal Arms Trafficking In Columbia

This article explores the success and effectiveness of disarmament programs. Some of the types of disarmament programs covered include repurchase, exchange, voluntary, civilian, paramilitary, and rebel initiatives. This report also contains startling imagery and statistics from several past disarmament programs.

“Violence, Crime, and Illegal Arms Trafficking in Columbia.” November 2006. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. July 2010.  (4. Disarmament Processes, Pages 77 – 90). http://www.unodc.org/pdf/Colombia_Dec06_en.pdf


Measuring and Monitoring Armed Violence – Goals, Targets, and Indicators

The big question in small arms discussion is not only how do we reduce small arms proliferation, but how is progress measured? The article explains specific targets and how to know whether these goals are met. Several goals included are: reducing conflict and non-conflict related violent deaths, reducing sexual and intimate partner violence, and increasing national investment in armed violence prevention and reduction programs. Also discussed is the relevance to the Millennium Development Goals.

Gilgen, Elisabeth, Krause, Keith, and Muggah, Robert. “Measuring and Monitoring Armed Violence: Goals, Targets, and Indicators” April 2010. Secretariat of the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development and the United Nations Development Programme. July 2010. (Emphasis on pages 13 – 21). http://www.genevadeclaration.org/fileadmin/docs/Indicators/Metrics_Paper.pdf


UN Study on Disarmament and Non-proliferation Education

Section Six of the UN Disarmament Study focuses on the use of education on disarmament to promote post conflict peace building. While the majority of articles on the topic of small arms are about stopping the small arms trade, this articles covers what to do after weapons have already arrived. Until, and likely even after, an effective small arms trade treaty is implemented, there is only so much that can be done to halt the illegal trade of small arms. Therefore, it is just as important to discuss solutions of disarmament.

Secretary General. “United Nations Study on Disarmament and Non-proliferation Education.”  April 2003. United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs. July 2010. (Section Six: pages 6 – 8, Paragraphs 30 – 40). http://www.un.org/disarmament/HomePage/ODAPublications/DisarmamentStudySeries/PDF/SS-30.pdf

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