Combating Organized Crime in Asia

New Pact to Fight Organized Crime in Asia

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Korean Institute of Criminology signed an agreement to start a program that will combat organized crime in Asia. This is a huge step towards gaining control over the problem of organized crime in Asia. Transnational organized crime is preventing the establishment of stable societies in the region. With this new agreement, these threats to Asian society will lessen.

“New Pact to Fight Organized Crime in Asia.” United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 2010. July 2010.


Asian Criminal Enterprises

Organized crime groups in Asia have established a vast network of international connections, making them extremely mobile and even more dangerous. Due to these organized crime organizations being so sophisticated and well organized, the government of the United States is now working with different organizations and agencies to combat organized crime in Asia on an international level.

“Asian Organized Crime.” Federal Bureau of Investigation. July 2010.


Asia and the Challenge of Organized Crime

Because of organized crime and its spread throughout Asia, sustained economic growth in Asia is close to impossible. Factors such as global commerce, labor shortages, and corruption are all contributing to the growth of organized crime.  These factors are making it difficult to address the issue of organized crime in the region.

“Asia and the Challenge of Organized Crime.” Asia Economic Institute. 2010. July 2010.

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