Combating Organized Crime in Africa

Challenges in the Investigation, Prosecution and Trial of Transnational Organized Crime in Namibia

Namibia, Africa faces problems with human trafficking and illegal drug trade.  Some proposed solutions to help with these issues are to strengthen existing laws and acquire international aid, as well as to utilize UN assistance to increase financing and training having to do with these issues.

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Transnational Organized Crime in the West African Region

West Africa is facing a growing problem with organized crime. The areas especially being affected are the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leon. Some of the illicit activities taking place in this region are diamond smuggling, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and Internet fraud. The challenge with addressing the organized crime in West Africa is the lack of reliable data pertaining to the area.

“Transnational Organized Crime in the West African Region”. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Vienna. 2005. July 2010. (pgs. 1-7 and sections pertaining to specific crimes)


Organized Crime Targets Weak African States

With organized crime being a rapidly growing problem in Africa, underdeveloped African states are falling prey to this growing epidemic. Organized crime threatens the security and good governance of weaker African states. The United Nations is advising these areas to implement stronger legislation and address political corruption in an effort to strengthen these weak states.

Mutume, Gumisai. “Organized Crime Targets Weak African States”. United Nations Africa Renewal. July 2010.

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