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Feds Shuffle Forces to “Ramp Up” Against International Crime Gangs

Frieden talks about how Federal prosecutors battling organized crime and those fighting criminal gangs are being merged into a single unit. The increasing organized gangs with international ties are trafficking drugs, weapons and illegal aliens, and posing a serious threat to communities in every one of the 50 states; This is a good source article when talking about anti -gang policies and what’s being done nationally and not just locally.

Frieden, Terry. “Feds Shuffle Forces to “Ramp Up” Against International Crime Gangs”. (July 12, 2010)


21 Killed in Mexican Gang Shootout Near US Border

This article is very useful because it is something a lot of people can use to get information on gang happenings. Not many people know that gangs often fight for control of trafficking routes and sometimes steal “shipments” of undocumented migrants from each other.

Larios Gaxiola, Felipe. “21 Killed in Mexcian Gang Shootout Near US Border”. Sign On San Diego (June 1, 2010).

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